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Uniface product availability information

The availability information that can be downloaded here documents the supported combinations of Uniface functionality and deployment platforms. For questions, please contact Uniface Customer Support.

The Uniface lifecycle information can be found here.

Uniface versions currently under support

Uniface versionPAM versionDateFormatDownload link
10.3.0210.3.02-009June 26, 2019 ExcelDownload

10.3.02-009June 26, 2019 PDFDownload 26, 2019ExcelDownload


June 26, 2019PDFDownload

Uniface Mobile

PlatformMinimum version

Older Uniface versions

Uniface versionPAM versionDateFormatDownload link
10.3.0110.3.01-010January 10, 2019 ExcelDownload

10.3.01-010January 10, 2019PDFDownload
10.2.021August 15, 2017ExcelDownload

1August 15, 2017PDFDownload
9.7.041August 24, 2017 ExcelDownload

1August 24, 2017PDFDownload
9.61December 15, 2015PDFDownload
9.6.041December 18, 2013ExcelDownload

1December 18, 2013PDFDownload
9.51November 8, 2013 ExcelDownload
9.41January 31, 2013ExcelDownload

1January 31, 2013PDFDownload
9.31January 22,2012ExcelDownload

1January 22, 2012PDFDownload
9.21January 15, 2011ExcelDownload

1January 15, 2011PDFDownload
8.41August 7, 2009ExcelDownload

1August 7, 2009PDFDownload
8.31April 14, 2005ExcelDownload
8.21December 15, 2003ExcelDownload
7.2.061February 10, 2003ExcelDownload

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